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Apie United States
Tax Paslaugas!

Mes siūlome individualias mokesčių, apskaitos ir verslo įkūrimo paslaugas asmenims, verslininkams, smulkių įmonių savininkams ir didelėms korporacijoms.

Turime dešimtmečių patirtį rengiant pajamų mokesčio deklaracijas, teikiant darbo užmokesčius ir pardavimų deklaracijas, ir teikiame individualizuotas mokesčių konsultavimo paslaugas savo klientams.


„TIP Inc“ (USTS) 2009 m. Buffalo Grove, IL. įkūrė Ilona Dovidaitienė, E.A. Bendrovė sėkmingai padėjo asmenims ir verslo savininkams Čikagos regione ir visoje šalyje laiku, efektyviai ir tiksliai pateikti mokesčių deklaracijas.

Mūsų komanda gali jums padėti nuotoliniu būdu, nesvarbu, kur esate!

I had the best experience in this office today. Ilona is a compassionate and awesome person. I have been a customer here for a couple of years. I’ll be back again and again and you should come as well.... advise and just human interaction.. 100%


Bendrovės Tikslas

Būti buhalterio ir mokesčių rengimo pramonės lyderiu, teikdami kokybiškas paslaugas, klientų aptarnavimą ir pagalbą. Mūsų tikslas yra pranokti klientų lūkesčius.

Bendrovės Misija

​Mūsų misija yra suteikti klientams profesionalią paramą jų finansiniame gyvenime ir padėti sukurti stabilią ir klestinčią finansinę ateitį.

Galimybės Klientams

Pagalvokite apie mus kaip apie mokesčių ir verslo patarėjus, o ne tik kaip apie mokesčių rengėjus!

Mes kalbame anglų, lietuvių, rusų, ukrainiečių ir rumunų kalbomis.

Darbas su mumis yra raktas į patikimą paramą ar atstovavimą, kurio jums reikia.

Bendrovės Narystė

IRS (Enrolled to Practice Before the IRS), Intuit, National Society of Tax Professionals, National Notary Association.

Mes dirbame visose JAV valstijose

Galime jums padėti bet kurioje valstijoje, kurioje gyvenate ar užsiimate verslu, o geriausia yra tai, kad mūsų biuras dirba ištisus metus! Susisiekite su mumis bet kuriuo metu dėl bet kokių mokesčių ir verslo poreikių. Galite susitarti dėl susitikimo su mumis asmeniškai arba internetu.

Document with Pen

David R.

With 24 hours left to close on our home, I contacted Ilona because the lender required a specific document that no one else had ever heard of. Ilona patiently spoke to a very rude IRS employee and demanded that they provide the information I needed in my process of buying a home. Ilona is someone you can count on when you need the job done the FIRST TIME.

Inga S.

I had the best experience in this office today. Ilona is a compassionate and awesome person. I have been a customer here for a couple of years. I’ll be back again and again and you should come as well.... advise and just human interaction.. 100%

Joseph S.

Where can I start? I was turned down by 3 other CPAs saying that my case is too complicated, I don't have the right paperwork, etc...My friend recommended me, Ilona. I was surprised at how fast she sorted out everything. It looked almost like magic. She has guided me through all the processes. I felt that all my questions were answered. Give her a try. You will definitely be happy with the results.

John C.

Ilona has been doing my taxes for a few years now.  Being in sales, I have many expenses that I keep track of over the year and when it comes tax time, it is difficult to account for everything. Ilona gives me the best advice on how to keep things organized and properly accounted for.  I will always use Ilona.  She is extremely knowledgeable and professional.

Aleksey K.

Ilona is very professional and knowledgeable. Will explain very complicated topics in a very simple way so you as a client can easy understand what are your options. Working with Ilona can easy safe you time and money. Highly recommended!

Jonas M.

I have used United States Tax Services on numerous occasions and got a very fast quality service each time. Last week I needed notarized translations and received them in a number of hours. They are upfront with the price and how long the service will take and what exactly will be done. Very reliable and responsible business, I highly recommend it.

Veronica W.

Ilona is the best!! My husband and I have used her for the past 2 years and I wouldn’t even think about going to anyone else. She’s efficient, very knowledgeable, very reasonably priced, and always easy to reach. Her office staff is very responsive as well! She’s simply the best! Thanks Ilona!

Alina S.

For the second year, we are using the service of United States Tax Services. I am amazed at how organized and professional this team is. We always get our questions answered promptly and even late at night or on weekends. Ilona takes her time explaining all the details and whatever looked to me so complicated became so clear and simple now. No doubt - they have my trust. Highly recommended!

Alex B.

Ilona filled the taxes last year for me and my wife, and was very helpful. Also we opened S-Corp with her, and ITIN and everything was fast, without any mistakes, and very professional. We had one letter from IRS for the additional information, and she immediately respond to it, and since then no more letters.
Recommend to everyone!

Sheri C.

Very professional service. They are up on all the latest tax laws and work very hard to make sure they use the latest tax laws to your benefit. A few years ago they even found a mistake my last tax preparer had made and I got an adjusted refund !!!! Would not go anywhere else.

Jeff N.

What an amazing experience. I needed to have my taxes completed on the same day, and they were able to accommodate the request. Can you believe it, same day service during tax season? The service was affordable, the staff is very attentive to detail, and everyone in their organization that I meet were pleasant individuals to interact with! Summary: Proficient, Affordable, Pleasant, with Premier Class Service....

Need I say more???

Rim C.

Very professional and high quality customer service. Great staff. Detailed information breakdown which made me feel confident at what they do. If you looking for somebody experienced regards taxes and etc. look no longer. Definitely going to use their service again!


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